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Corporate & Business Law

Attorneys at LoPresti & O’Reilly bring a hands-on, interactive approach to corporate and business counseling. You’ll gain the trusted support and full attention of experienced counsel who can guide you through the many choices and opportunities involved in running and building your business. Our firm has decades of experience helping our clients grow their businesses, whether entering new markets, both in the US and internationally, building market share in their existing markets, or restructuring and reorganizing their companies to best enable them to meet the future.  We’ve represented businesses and individuals in a broad range of industries and commercial ventures, from bio-tech to e-commerce, investment firms and publicly traded companies, fashion, publishing, hospitality, restaurants and food products. 

At LoPresti & O’Reilly, do not expect cookie cutter contracts or boiler-plate agreements for a quick turn-around. We only represent serious entrepreneurs who can put the time and energy into doing it right. “Preventative medicine” means keeping you out of court, and focused on building your business. Whether drafting the documents you’ll need to grow and protect your business, or providing our full array of business counseling, LoPresti & O’Reilly provides true value in our services, and our fee structures are always geared towards managing your needs and expectations.

Litigation / Trial Advocacy

Business can be a tough game, and you may find yourself facing an unresolvable conflict. At LoPresti & O’Reilly we are capable of litigating your dispute in state and federal court, from inception through to trial. We apply the same efficient practicality to our litigation and trial strategy: after thorough discussion and analysis with you to determine your ultimate objectives, we will develop the best litigation strategy to obtain the same. More often than not, litigation is a business decision. It can be costly, time consuming, a drain on you and your sanity. We will not take on a case unless, and until, our clients fully understand the risks and rewards of litigation. If after great consideration we advise you to take the money you’re offering us to file a lawsuit, and instead put it back into your business, don’t take it personally.

Tax Controversy 

The depth of our capabilities allows us to represent clients in a variety of situations, whether counseling corporations during tax audits, pursuing administrative appeals of audit results, or litigating tax matters at the trial court or appellate court level. We represent clients in matters involving the IRS and New York and New Jersey taxing authorities. Clients hire us because of our extensive experience in all areas and especially because of our litigation experience we know when to go to court, and we know how to litigate.

Entertainment, Media & Branding

With our backgrounds in media, entertainment, intellectual property, brand negotiation & development, as well as litigation and trial advocacy, we bring a keen hindsight to media and entertainment opportunities. We have represented well known individuals, celebrities and artists in entertainment, media, publishing, fashion and cyberspace. We’ve negotiated, finalized and managed numerous complex commercial and artistic ventures. Because we’ve seen in court just how a good deal can go bad, we strive to protect your interests right from the drawing board.

Estate & Trust Litigation 

We embrace sophisticated defensive planning techniques to avoid litigation for our clients. But we also represent clients who have standing to object to the wills of others or who have been damaged by the administration of trusts and estates in which they are interested. We have substantial experience in litigating trust and estate controversies in New York and New Jersey. Quite frequently, we are able to settle such proceedings without trials after taking into account the merits of the positions advanced by respective parties and the tax rules applicable.

Pro Bono & Community Service  

The practice of law is a noble profession tasked with serving the public, guided by a code of ethics and integrity. While an aid to business, it is also concerned with justice, order and the public welfare. The attorneys at LoPresti & O’Reilly believe that the practice of law is a privilege that carries with it a great responsibility to apply our skills and talents for the benefit of the community. For years, our lawyers have dedicated themselves to improving our community by providing thousands of hours of pro bono legal counsel for numerous charitable entities supporting, among other things, human rights, civil rights, veterans rights, community rights, environmental rights, education, the disabled, health & well being, and animal rights. Contact our firm if you’d like to discuss our pro bono services.

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